Friday, 18 December 2015

BLOGMAS. 18: Sweater collection

What is a blogmas post, without showing you what i live in? What i wear daily and what sweaters i love the most ❤︎?

So here i am today, sharing with you my small pile of sweaters, yet so cozy and warm. 

Mainly, i love the colors: 

Pink: this is my most loved one ❤︎
Dark blue: i adore it
Peach: it is not that of a favorite since the color isn't my go to but still i love how it looks on me
Light yellow/ beige: i love this one even if it is a bit baggy and makes me look double the size i am ~_~ but still i think i like the color ❤︎

What i like about my collection, is the difference in the shape of the lines in each sweater. 
If you take a closer look, you would realize the difference in the sequence.

This is my small collection ❤︎ I so much love it despite all. Which one was your favorite? 

With LOVE; 
Julie ❤︎
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