Sunday, 20 December 2015

BLOGMAS. 20: Lip balm collection

Even though am still in shock that today is the 20th because where did this month go? 
I want to share with you, my collection of lip balm. Or let me say it better "My Winter Saviors" who can survive without something to keep their lips fresh and nourished in this extremely dry and cold weather ❤︎ So here we start; 

Labello ones: those are my favorite, i feel they do their magic on my lips in the right way needed. Also, they add light color to my lips so no lipstick is needed which is a plus ❤︎

Those two are also the best for me. Especially the Maybelline one Dr.Rescue. 

I also have these dark colored lip gloss, but to be honest i don't really that much use them. I am not a person who really goes for dark colors as the winter or fall creeps in. I don't know if i am the only one here, but dark colors are not my game. I don't think they suit me so i stick with my beloved pastel or pink ones ❤︎

This shinesensational from Maybelline Is my ultimate fave ❤︎ I won't ever run out of shortage because i have 4 in my makeup drawers opps. I like the shininess it gives and how soft my lips feel while i wear it. Not to forget its amazing smell 

Away from Makeup and lipsticks, i have opened my Advent Calendar door 20 and had, 

A very cute little star ❤︎

Are you getting festive for Christmas? It is not too far away, only

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