Monday, 21 December 2015

BLOGMAS. 21: last min gift ideas

If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping for presents, and feel like you have ran out of ideas? don't worry because i am here to rescue you and the situation ❤︎

To start with, 

Lush cosmetics: You can never go wrong with a beautifully wrapped gift from lush. They have amazing ranges of bath bombes that everyone love. Also, they offer wrapping it for you which is a plus.

Candles: They make a cute gift, especially if you get the scented ones❤︎ You don't need to have any pricey candles "aka: bath and body works or yankee candles" you can go fine with lovely ones from any store. Gifts are not about how much pricey they are.

Beauty products: The Zoella ones would be a very happy and cute gift for your loved ones ❤︎ Especially if they were a fan of her ..

Sweater: Many people would be pleased with a cute sweater. To make the gift even more nice, you can get the sweater in the color the person loves the most.

iPhone case/s: They are always handy and cute for case lovers. 

Any accessory: A watch, a bracelet or even a necklace. They don't cost much, but can show how much dear the person you are gifting this to is ❤︎

Those are the ideas that i had. I hope that they could spark an idea in your mind and have helped in a way or another ❤︎

Have you done Christmas Shopping? 


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