Tuesday, 22 December 2015

BLOGMAS. 22: Festive nail art

Keeping your nails polished and cute is always a manner of being dressed well. Paying the effort to make a special nail art, is a total different hard job, that i can't personally handle. 

I do a very simple nail art on my nails which i am a bit proud of hehe. 

No, don't worry .. You are not the only one who can't master drawing on your nails, because i can't as well. The definition of nail art for me, is doing french nail polish without having any tool. It is a hard thing to be done but after some time of practicing i could master it ❤︎ In a way 

So because i don't have that amazing nail art to show you, i am going to take you through my favorite nail polish colors: 

Pink is for sure my favorite ... I have three different shades of it. 

You can see i only have one Essie nail polish in pink. Personally, after using essence gel nail polish, i no more want to change. The colors are more intense and last longer. 

Don't get me wrong, i am still so in love with my Essie nail polish.

I also have other colors than pink, 

Intensive white and glitter one ❤︎
I have many others but they didn't make it for this post, since i have just wanted to shed the light only on the ones that i love and use the most ❤︎

In doing my nail art, i have used

The intensive white and pastel pink nail polish. This intensive white, is made for you to have a good result of white coat, you don't need to repeat 100 times to get the good white you aim for, one is enough. The more you layer the more intensive the color will be. 

I hope you enjoyed this post ❤︎ Are you good at nailart? Let me know :D

AND if you aren't already excited, you need to be



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