Thursday, 3 December 2015

BLOGMAS .3: Getting my haircut

It is the third of December and it is Thursday which means that the weekend is almost here yaay i can't be more happier for that ❤︎
I just love weekends. 

Today's door in my advent calendar,

Held for me a cute snowman ❤︎ It hasn't snowed heavily yet in Munich, we have seen snow twice but it didn't last as rain followed along. Am still waiting for a real snowy Christmas. Has it snowed where you live yet? 

After opening my advent calendar's door, i had a yummy breakfast 

It was yogurt with some banana flavored chocolate chips on top, in my most favorite IKEA pink bowl ❤︎ I also was so productive and edited some pictures for tomorrow's blogpost whilst i ate my breakfast. Just to put you in the excitement mood; tomorrow's post will be so christmassy and cute ... i promise

Then i went into town with my friend, we went into starbucks, i had my favorite drink of the year "white chocolate mocha" 

And yes, as usual my name was spelled wrong :D We had a nice chat and then went to take an appointment to cut my hair for this Saturday
I usually cut my hair every six months so i make sure that it stays healthy and fresh, as for me i love having a long hair but i love changing, it never hurts. 
I will show you how my hair looks like once i get it cut ❤︎. 

Now i am back home and writing for you. I will take it at ease today and stay at home this evening just editing pictures and watching gossip girl ❤︎. 
I hope you liked today's post. 

I love you loads, 
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