Saturday, 5 December 2015

BLOGMAS .5: Finally doing it

Finally the weekend is here, that means, i am getting my haircut today ❤︎ Am so excited yet so nervous, i love my hair being long but it really needs a change, the ends are not so healthy any more :{ anyway, once i get my hair cut i will be sharing with you a couple of pics.
 My appointment is still later in the day that means i still can embrace my hair a bit no? Haha so i took a picture of me, to show you the length. 
Also, i have done my nails, 

Using these two pink gel nail polish from Essence .. I love how they give a nice effect and stay for a longer time than the usual nail polish.

After i get my hair done, i will be headed to my city's Christmas market .. It is always so fun to go there, we might also do some ice skating.
I will be of course taking pictures so as to share them with you later this week❤︎

What are you doing today? 

In my advent calendar, i have received

A stocking filled with gifts ❤︎ It looks so cute, i really love stockings, love filling them as well as receiving them. 

That is what i will be doing this day, it will be hectic as i have to be headed to my appointment early so to be on time and not miss my turn. 
I will see you tomorrow with a new style and a new Christmasy post for you to enjoy  
I love you loads, 
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