Sunday, 6 December 2015

BLOGMAS .6: Christmas gifts guide

What is Christmas without giving people, gifts, stockings or just some love to tell them how much do they truly mean to us ❤︎
However, i know how much pain is it to think of gifts' ideas and what to get for our loved ones. So me and Rachael from oneillopinion Blog thought that we would share with you amazing gift ideas that would help you get your loved ones things that would be meaningful and cute. 
Don't forget to check her blog i love it. 

Let's start.. 

1. Notebooks: they come in handy for everyone and would be even more fun to get them personalized with their name. Here you can make some with a reasonable price.
2. Perfumes or body lotions: the Victoria Secret ones are good and a favorite by many of people
3. Body care products: lipbalms, hand creams or lush products. Who can survive this winter without these? None, so they would make a great gift or a stocking filling ❤︎

4. Candles: they are not pricey especially if you buy them from IKEA, they make a cute gift if you include with them a lovely message or a small home decor piece like the ones in the pic ❤︎

5. A jewelry piece: if you are more on the side of a fancy gift, you can go for a jewelry piece. Maybe have the person's initials carved on a bracelet or a necklace.

6. Coloring/ relaxing books: a gift that me myself would live to receive, is a coloring book with a bunch of colors of course ❤︎ They are designed to make you relax and take some time off of the hectic life we live. It would be an awesome gift for your mom, friend or sister.

Last but not least, gifts are not by how much they have costed, instead they are to show how much love and care you have inside your heart for those who you can't live a day without❤︎ 
I hope that my ideas have brought a sparkle to your mind so you can have an idea of what you can get this Christmas as gifts. 

My advent calendar today, gave me a Santa with a huge sock of gifts 

I thought how cute does this looks, my advent calendar gave me a  chocolate that goes with the theme of my post haha 

I love you loads, 
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