Monday, 7 December 2015

BLOGMAS .7: New style & pink lips

I didn't have a good start in the day :( i hope you had a better one than mine. I woke up with a very bad stomach ache it seems i have a kind of food poisoning, even though the sun was out and the weather is amazing i didn't have any chance to enjoy it or even seize the opportunity to take pictures :( however i still could get some pics of my hair so as to show you how it turned out ❤︎

Voila .. I am so happy with how much strong and healthy it looks like. It is a bit short in comparison of how long my hair was before i cut it. But i am really loving it. 
And just so you know, this is my natural hair color, i have never died it and won't ever think of ... I like how it has a mixture of light and dark brown colors on the end and some lighter shades of brown on top ❤︎
Unfortunately, i still feel so bad so i won't be leaving the house today, i will cook soap for lunch and stay warm in hope of getting better. I really hate being sick :{ i hate being unproductive and always tired. 

On a brighter note, my advent calendar had a lovely character for me inside door 7,

I don't know what is this lovely character's name .. Do you have an idea? 

I love you loads, 
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