Wednesday, 9 December 2015

BLOGMAS .9: Christmas Spirit

With today being crazy raining outside, dark and foggy i felt like Christmas is getting closer and closer ❤︎ So i burnt a few candles to make my house smell nice and decided to spoil myself with 

1. A ginger bread drink in my red festive Starbucks cup
2. Eat a ginger bread which i got from my city's Christmas Market 

And just take some time to read in my favorite book "Something Borrowed" by Emily Griffen. I have been reading this book for a while now and really loving the story and love how it can be quite true to life, fake friendship to be more precise :{ i am not going to give away information about it but i highly recommend it as a good book ❤︎

I have also painted my nails with a cotton candy color. Even though it is a summery color, but i personally prefer pastel colors more than dark colors even if it was winter. I think they just add a light to my days ..

I have opened door 9 in my advent calendar. And before you wonder and think how did my nail polish's color change .. It hasn't. This picture was taken in the morning before i have done my nails ❤︎
I also took the time today to write in my diary, i felt i need some time to just talk to my diary, let everything all out on its papers, close it and try to bring my happiness back ...  

I hope you enjoyed 
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