Thursday, 10 December 2015

BLOGMAS.10:What makes Christmas special

I know how hard it is to get all the amazing things about Christmas listed in one post, but i thought still it would be nice to share with you what excites me the most ❤︎ why not? 
So here i am being cozy on my sofa and typing for you about everything i love.


P.S: i am just proud of this last picture of my lights on the wall, it is my first time i master something like this 
Anyway, away from this self promo moment, i love lights and how they just make the whole house be warm, cozy and just so festive, lights definitely are on top of my list 


Especially the scented ones ❤︎ They put you in a Christmas mood so fast, and fill your lungs with warm, happy smells.

Christmas markets: 

Everything would be so bright, everyone is happy, and the smell of food is everywhere ❤︎ I love Christmas markets and love being there during the time before Christmas. The joyful atmosphere make you feel happy no matter what. 
Am sorry for this photo as it is bombed by many people, but here in our Munich's Christmas Market it would be a miracle if you manage to take a picture free of people.

The Chrsitmasy food: 

Around Christmas time, the food is always so special and so yummy, i love ginger breads the most and chocolate figure of Santa ❤︎ You can see more HERE about the list of my most loved Christmas food


I love that for Christmas there are tons of songs that are so festive, calm and keeps you happy as well as excited for the best time of the year ... HERE you can see a list of the best Christmas songs

Christmas decoration: 

I love how everything would look festive and ready for the best time of the year ❤︎ The tree, the gifts, the candles, the lights and just EVERYTHINGS so Christmasy. HERE, you can see how i decorated my room

i hope you enjoyed my list of what makes me happy during Christmas ❤︎ 

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