Monday, 14 December 2015

BLOGMAS.14:Stay Fit in Holidays

During holidays, we keep on stuffing our faces with loads and loads of food. It is normal and ok to eat a lot. But at the same time, we need some sort of balance between the whole amount of chocolate and sweets to add a bit of healthy food on the side. 

I am not a healthy person at all, i prefer chocolate over veggies and fruit to be honest haha. But i always end up feeling guilty so i munch on something healthy to feel fine. So if you are like me, i have came with some few tips that can take that feel of guilt go away. 

1. Drink tea and water:

Always make sure that you are hydrated enough and that you drink tea quite often. Both help keep your body fresh and nourished. 
My go to Tea is the Fittea one, i love how it makes me feel. Always better, much happier even after a big meal. 

2. Include some fruit in your daily diet: 

As i have mentioned above, i am not a fruit person. Never been and never will be. But a bit of oranges always keep me fresh and happy. 

3. Replace chocolate with yogurt: 

In the evening now a days, and if you follow me on SnapChat "cuteinstgram" you would know ❤︎ I always go for yogurt instead of chocolate. I still eat vanilla ones but at least they are not that bad and fatty as a bar of chocolate would be.

4. Stay active: 
I don't mean by this working out, but just moving, walking and so activities other than staying at home... These would keep you healthy and always in shape ❤︎

Shifting away from the healthy lifestyle, and because i love chocolate a lot, i have got a little tree in my advent calendar today. 

Don't forget to love your body, it is all you have ❤︎ 

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