Tuesday, 15 December 2015

BLOGMAS.15:All i want for Christmas

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas ❤︎ So what is better than sharing with you my Christmas Wishlist for this year :} 
I love writing my wishlists and see what has changed from last year till now. 
So here we go; 

So all i want is: 

1. Tripod: 
Actually it has been something i want for a while now, because as you know i take my own pictures by myself, i don't have any professional equipment or any photographer to help. So i always struggle with taking outfit pictures :{ that is why you don't see many here. However, as i am falling more and more into blogging and taking photos it is the time to add some professionality and get some help. 

2. Macbook: 
My laptop is always a pain :{ it no more functions as it should and always slow. I have had mine for 5 years now so an upgrade would be so  handy and amaziing. 

3. An ugg: 
I just love them ❤︎

4. Health, happiness and continue being who i am: 
I am not a material person, so i never much care about what i get as a present. All i care and wish for, is being happy, healthy and surrounded by all those i love ❤︎ But some sweets never hurt haha 

What are you wishing for this Christmas? 

for my advent calendar i have;

i hope you enjoyed knowing what i am wishing for Christmas.
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