Saturday, 19 December 2015

BLOGMAS.19: Gifts shopping

It has came to that time of the year, where no matter how much you have tried to organize your Christmas gifts shopping, you still have loads of wrapping, sending and even buying .. 

This is my case basically. Since it is finally the weekend, i have decided that i will do my best to finish all the Christmas shopping that is left for me and send the gifts away to those who live far from me. Because to be honest, the last thing that i want is for Christmas day to be here and i am still running for late shopping. 

Today my outfit is simple, yet i think is good enough for shopping: 

I am wearing:

Pink Sweater: Zara 
Gray Trousers: H&M 
Golden rings: dotty&tink i love these so much ❤︎
For my boots i will be wearing my black long boots, even though it is not cold at all in Munich, how is the weather where you live? 

I hope we can get a white Christmas this year❤︎

For my Advent Calendar, i have a cute little bear,

I hope you will have a lovely weekend, and a good start in the holidays.

Julie ❤︎
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