Sunday, 27 December 2015

Presents and more presents ❤︎

To be honest, presents have never been the reason i love Christmas, and they have never been what i wait for. But it feels so good to know how much you are loved and appreciated by those who mean a lot for you ❤︎ 

I am not just thankful for my family, i am thankful for you my reader ❤︎ Your incredible support during my time here on this beloved internet corner of mine means the whole world. Thank you for everything. 

Before this post turns to be a burst of emotional words, i want to show you what gifts i have received, not to show off but just to share,

First, i will start with the most amazing gift that have taken my breath away hehe, not really but ya; 

1. Snow comfy bottom pj: those are amaziiing so soft and cozy

2. Me before you novel by Jojo Meyes: if you know me well, you know that books make me the happiest girl on earth. And when the book that i received is by my favorite writer, i don't know if the world HAPPY TO THE EXTREME can describe me well haha i am such a real #bookwarm

3. A lush bath bomb: i have used this one before and loved it, so another one would be a good idea 

4. UGGs 

I have got the ESPRIT uggs in dark gray ❤︎ I loved them, they are so comfy and cute.

5. Tripod and a mason jar: 

If you have read my Christmas wishlist post, you would have known that i have been wanting a tripod for a long time, so it came in handy. It is especially made for iPhones in case you are wondering, but it works for cameras as well if you change some pieces which i really don't mind as i only use my iPhone for taking my pictures ❤︎

I also got so excited to see a mason jar inside my presents' box. I have been wanting one for a long long time but never got lucky to find a good shaped one with the color that i desire. So yes i am so happy about it 

Those where the presents that i was lucky enough to receive. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my words, to send me a message or just to write Merry Christmas on my Instagram pictures ...

I love you all, 
I hope you had a very merry Christmas  


Until my next gossip; Wednesday
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