Sunday, 24 January 2016

Beauty hacks you will love ❤︎

Hacks or DIY, two words when a girl hears, feels like wanting to know more and more about that. So what would be the case, when those hacks are Beauty related i think the excitement can be real 

So if you got that much excited, then keep on reading to see what hacks do i have in store for your beauty life :) don't forget to tell me which do you like the most.

1. Brushes' cleaning 

If you have really dirty make up brushes and have no time to spend it on cleaning them, all you need is: 

1 table spoon of vinegar
a cup of hot water 

put the vinegar inside the water, mix it then put the brushes inside, and leave them for 20 mins. After this time is over, clean them under warm water and then you will be left with a good looking clean brushes ❤︎ 

2. Mascara dryness 

Mascaras can be the worst when it comes to being dry after just a few weeks of being opened. Don't worry, just grab a cup of hot water, leave the mascara's bottle there for a few mins; your mascara can be re used and better than before ❤︎  

3. Dry hair ends

I don't know if i am the only one who has this problem, but every time i wash my hair and dry it, whether naturally or by using heat, i always am left with dry ends. If you are like me, i have that good solution for you. Apply hand cream on your hands, with the leftovers squeeze the ends of your hair ❤︎ and i promise you to have a good not dry hair at least for a day :)

4. Bobby pins 

First, i just want to make sure that you wear them on the right side, you need to keep the longer side on top and the shorter one under. So as to make sure they would handle all the hair and never fall out. 

Another tip for you, if you are like me and have really thick hair, you would know how much is it a pain to style your hair using bobby pins, because they will always end up loose leaving my hair in a mess. So my tip is, spray some hair spray on the bobby pins after you apply them on your hair. I promise you they would stay there at least for the day ❤︎ and your hairstyle won't end up a mess. 

5. Hair & eyebrows

If your eyebrows are not looking as they should, you have no time to try fixing them or basically doing anything to save your day. Just do this:

bring an EOS lip balm
a thin brush

apply some of the EOS balm on your brush, and go over your eyebrows. They would be on fleek, just as if they have been done right now. As the lip balm, helps them stay in the shape you draw using the brush and would stay like this for a while ❤︎

Speaking of fleek, if your hair isn't that clean and you have no time to wash but still want some volume in it, apply some hair shampoo and tease the hair a bit. Then you would be left with a better looking hair and no one would tell your secret ❤︎

What do you think of my tips? Do you know more?
Which of these tips would you like to use?

I would love to know your feedback ❤︎


Until my next gossip; 
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