Sunday, 31 January 2016

Best book picks ❤︎


If you are a books' lover you know what does it exactly feel, to loose yourself between the pages of a story; where you enjoy knowing more about the people involved in it ❤︎
If you are like me then this is the post for you, as i am about to share 5 books that were my reading highlight through 2015. 

I am not going to say much about each book i have read, i am only about to give you a quote that summerizes the theme of every story so i would put you in the exciting mood of going out and purchasing the book. 

let it snow, john green

1. Let It Snow BY John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Miracle: Not everyone's life is perfect as it seems. And not everyone can be happy in the Christmas time, think of those people a bit more when you eat your homemade meals on Christmas eve. 

2. Safe Haven BY Nicholas Sparks: Disteny and your life can be changed if you decided to take the first step out of your comfort zone. True happiness and sometimes real love, lies there. 

the girl you left behind

3. The Girl You Left Behind BY Jojo Meyes: Love is worth the fight for, because sometimes, it ends up the only reason we live for. Don't also forget, to fight for what you want until the end. You can get it if you fight a bit more. 

4. Something Borrowed BY Emily Griffen: Not every friendship is healthy. Not every person you think is your friend can be a true one. Watch out whom you trust. 

5. Eat Pray Love: "e-Book" The true meaning of wanderlust. It can be the reason of sparkling the fire inside your heart to move and leave your comfort zone to find what incridible things can be there. It really helped me leave my counrty and change my life ❤︎

As we are now in 2016, i have picked up another story by the amazing and talented Jojo Meyes Me Before You to read 

Because really the style of writing that this amazing writer has is incridible ❤︎ I totally recommend reading one of her books.

What was your favorite book you have read in 2015? 
What is the title of the book you are reading now? 

I appreciate, read and reply to every comment 

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Until my next gossip; 
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