Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Essentials & tips to Destress

It is easy for us, to get caught in life's problems, in everything stressful and depressing. But so difficult to remember, to give ourselves a pat on the back and say You are a hero, you always survive what seems impossible

I find myself many times, lost in work and life's daily stress .. That i even find it so hard to sleep at night because i didn't have at least 10 mins in my day to just enjoy my own company and pampered myself well. Do you have that same feeling? 
Don't worry you are not alone. But watching that happening, won't change anything; it is the time to take action and take care of our bodies and souls a bit more. 
So today, i am sharing with you some tips, ways and essentials to relax and unwind. 

My main essentials are: 

1. A fizzy bath: i use the Zoella fizz bar for a bath filled with bubbles and amazing smells ❤︎ It makes running a bath way more fun

2. A diary/ journal: i keep a diray. I have been doing so for at least 6 years now. Whenever i am stressed, annoyed i write every feeling i have. It might turn out into a mess of words that don't compelete sensetence but this relaxes me and that is what matters. 

3. Gossip Girl: when i am atressed i turn on my iPad to watch on it anything that brings happiness to me. In my case, it is always Gossip Girl. It can be anything else but that series has my heart .❤︎

4. Candles: i always turn on two or three in my room. If they failed to make me relax they at least can make my room smell amazing.

5. Body lotions & perfumes: nothing beats the feeling of having a smooth and fresh skin ❤︎ After a bath i always apply the Zoella candy cream body lotion. It leaves my skin happy and relaxed. Just what i need to feel better.

6. Social media: i allow myself to get lost for a while in the so ial media apps that i have. I chat with some of you on Snapchat answer your cute comments on Instagram and send some love back to you on my blog ❤︎

After all of this, the stress that i had that day would disappear and i would remind myself how grateful i am to just be able to breathe and live healthy

What do you do to de-stress? 

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Loads of love, 

Until my next gossip; 
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