Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Hair Talk:Keep it shiny & Healthy

One of my greatest problems and struggles in life, should be dealing with my hair. No matter what i do, i always seem to fail in making it happy. For some reason. 

Recently, i have been trying some new ways of keeping it healthy and shiny, i think they are so good because i have sensed a difference in my hair. 

1. Cut it more often: 
I know what you feel about this tip, because i am like you i love my hair long. But the truth is that our hair get damaged easily from the dry weather and the heat we use on. So i have promised myself to at least cut it twice a year. 

2. Avoid heat
It is a so hard job for us to avoid heat, but in winter i think we can as it is a hat day almost everyday due to the rain and snow. So seize the opportunity and avoid heat as much as you can. You have a lot of hairstyles that you can apply on your hair that don't require any heat, starting with braids for example. They are cute and hair friendly. 

3. Use some masks or creams: 
Masks always do their magic on a tired and dry hair. Also, a very little DIY is this:
Recently whenever i feel my hair is dry at the ends, i rub some hand cream on my hands and then, gently squeeze the ends of my hair with the left over of the cream on my hand. It gives an instant shine, taking away the dryness. 

4. Use conditioner

My go to conditioner and shampoo are; 

The gliss kur from Shwarzkopf shampoo. It has some oil in it that really makes my hair less dry and easier to style. At least no more fuzziness  after drying it after a shower. 
My conditioner is the Pantene one, i like it but it is not that big deal as it doesn't have any special elements. But really good enough. 

Those where my tips for a shiny hair. Do you have any? Share with me ❤︎ I would love to hear 

 ❤︎ JULIE ❤︎

Until my next gossip; 
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