Sunday, 17 January 2016

More of what makes me happy ❤︎

Since the beginning of this year, i have decided to change some habits in my daily life. Nothing too big, but just some bits of my life to make sure that i always do what is better for my soul and body. In other words, what makes me happier and better ❤︎

I have realized that i have adopted some new habits, changed some and made more of other ones. I thought i would share them with you, maybe they could inspire you to start doing them to include more of what can make you happy in your daily routine 

Snuggling in bed & some me time: 

With the weather being so gloomy and cold, i find it so good for me to spend my evenings at my bed, relaxed in my pj, either sorting my life out in my diary or on my laptop getting inspiration from we heart it or just, going through my bloglovin feed or Instagram checking what my friends are doing, of course accompanied with a hot chocolate ❤︎
I found myself much happier, because i have this time of the day just to focus on myself.

Buying cute things 

It might seem crazy, but for me i think buying cute stuff like this makeup bag and pink brushes really affect my mood. I love taking a look around my room and see everything pink, cute and lovely. It adds a smile on my face and make me feel as i am in my own space and everything pink just as i love it ❤︎

Trying new things 

I am not that good at trying new things to be honest. Maybe because i have the fear of failure? I don't really know. But i have put in my mind that i need to try new things, i need to experience the beauty of being out of my comfort zone. So i have started with new nail polish colors :~} haha i know it is nothing big but at least i have started ..
I went for a blue/ green color as i have never tried it before. For my astonishment, i have been loving it. Loving how my nails looked like ..

What do you think? 

I have been really loving taking care of myself more and doing what i love. It is not selfish to give ourselves the right to be happy. Do that more ❤︎ 

Until my next gossip;
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