Sunday, 3 January 2016

Sneak into my Blogging space

Whenever you read a blogpost of mine, you have a slight idea of the work that i have done and the place where all the thoughts where evolved and made into words & photos ❤︎

So i thought, it is the time for you to take a look on how my blogging area looks like and what do i have in it. 

Say hello to my ROOM, well i can safely say "my world". This small space of mine, might not look as those to die for rooms that we heart on weheartit to add to our inspiration collection. But no matter what, i love how i have made this space be mine and filled with pink, gray and white details ❤︎ just how i like it.

I usually sit on my bed to write my blogposts, or sit on that so comfy coach that you see on the right of this picture. I mainly use my bed for taking pictures. I either use the duvet and pillows as the background. Or, i take pictures of my stuff by laying them out on the bed sheets ❤︎
Sometimes, i use the white table beside my bed to take pictures on if i aim for flat lay pictures. 

Beside my bed, there are the most meaningful stuff for me; 

My laptop 
A candle: to keep the fresh air smelling nice
Favorite mug
Fake flowers
My JULIE sign 
My initial letter 
Ikea white lantern 
Books; here is a close up

The purple book is my diary.
The gray one is personalized for me and is a planner 
And the last book, is the novel / story that i am reading currently Something Borrowed. Those legs you see are just a cute bookmark from MY Bookmark They are so cute and special, mine is in a Harry Potter theme. 

That is my space, here is where i write, edit and come up with ideas for my blog. I hope you liked this sneak into the place i spend my whole day in no shame :}
Would love to know your cute opinion ❤︎

do you like it?


Until my next gossip; 
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