Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Start your own successful blog

The secret of anything successful is sharing and caring. I might not be that of a successful blogger nor that famous, yet i have my own tricks and tips that if i share with you, they might help putting you on the right path. 
Not because i am the best, but just because i might have experienced this flaw before and found a solution for. 
You also, might have some good tips that you might add for me, so feel free to do that in the comments below after you take your time to enjoy my post :) 

I believe, to have a successful blog; you need to start with a good template. 
It is not a must of course for you to buy one or get complicated with building one yourself, as Blogger or Wordpress even Tumblr offer for you good templates for free which you can use. For me i worked for my own template, i can't stress how hard and complicated the process was and still is, you need to fight with the HTML coding and no matter what you do, there will always be that error that keeps on bursting as a bomb in your face every time you think you have done a good job managing everything :{ but it is ok, as it is a process of practice. 

After you are done with the template, you need to make sure that you are signed in Bloglovin' app.

 It is your first step towards being discovered. This app acts like Instagram, you follow bloggers and some might follow back. It helps you be seen by many people and helps you as well to get inspired of what others are sharing and not to forget that you will feel as a part of the blogging community. 
You can start by following me HERE 
I also suggest you follow Bloglovin team accounts, this way you will never miss on what is hot in the blogging area ❤︎ CLICK HERE to check them out

Don't be afraid to start, but don't start for money. If you love blogging, then go for it, if you are going to start just to get freebies and money, then i am sorry to say this won't work out. Blogging takes a lot of time of your day, sometimes you sacrifice binge watching Netflix to taking pictures and writing new blog posts. It is not easy, yet fun for those who do it by heart. It is worthy to mention that money doesn't come as soon as you sign up, it comes after months and months of working hard. But as i have mentioned it is always worth it for doing the things we love the most ❤︎

Those are my tips, i for sure have many many more to share and i will do but not in this post; however, i promise in every week there will be a post just to give you tips on how to upper your blogging game ❤︎

For now, did you like my tips? Do you have anything else you would love to share with me? 
If you need any help, you know where to find me 


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