Friday, 15 January 2016

What is in my Bag?

My bag basically, acts a lot like my best friend. If you dig deep down in it, you will find my secrets, my essentials and the things that i can't live without haha.

 So are you ready to know a bit more about me? 
If yes. Let us start.

Let us start by introducing you to my bag, i have the Zara bag in color black. It is a recent purchase but i am so in love with it that so soon it became my favorite one yet. It looks so similar to the it bag "Chloe bag" but to be honest am not that rich to have it, so the Zara one works well for me :~} 
Some of the things that my bag has always are: 

A lipstick: let's face it, they are life savors especially in this extremely cold weather. 
Some pins: for a girl with a crazy hair that might curl or frizz at any time, those can never live far away from her. #storyofmylife 

A cute hair clip: for that same reason #thickhairproblems :{

My iPhone: obvious enough, here is a phone addict. So there is no way i am going to leave my phone anywhere other than by my side :~}

I always too, make sure that my purse is in there. It carries my cash, bank card, ID card aaannnnddd "some receipts that are not needed but still live in there ehem" haha 

I also carry a hand creme because my skin is terrible in this weather. 
Some kind of candy, to stay fresh always 
And any type of jewelry that i took off when i was outside, because i was annoyed of wearing it. :{ 

That is what is in my bag ❤︎ Did you like it?

Until my next gossip;
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