Friday, 1 January 2016

You are a blogger when ..

1. All your money goes to what is called "Instagram worthy items" 
2. You buy stuff, but you can't use, open or eat before you take photos of to share later. 
3. Your mind is 24/7 thinking and creating new ideas of what to post next.
4. The delivery man, thinks you are crazy and always keep on ordering stuff from Amazon. 
5. You are always criticized of doing nothing in your life, and that you spend time in front of your screen writing for yourself. 
6. Your camera roll, is full of 183849 photos that you can't delete because you might use one day. 
7. Your phone is always out of storage, because of the 500 editing apps you have. Which you might not be using.
8. You get embarrassed and being pointed at in public for taking pictures of yourself, or picture of that seagull that you think is so cute and would match your theme. 
9. You always drink your Starbucks coffee cold, that is because a picture of it should be on all your social media platforms or else how can you prove it happened? 
10. You take 273910 photos of something. You might find 1 good shot or simply none. 
11. Your house / room, feels like a storm has gone through it after you have been trying to take pictures of some items
12. You might stand on a chair, dance or even use your legs to take a photo. Anything, anything for a good angle and shot. 

This is a totally fun post of how things look like for a blogger. I thought i would start the year with a fun post that can make you smile :} and give you a reason to cheer up and have an incredible start in the year ahead ❤︎
I hope you liked it. Can you relate to any of these things? 

With love, 


Until my next gossip; 
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