Wednesday, 3 February 2016

My little beauty corner ❤︎

Fleur De Force makeup bag

Although it is so known about me that i am not a makeup person but still, i would love to be spoilt with some new items that can add a sparkle to my face and make my days a bit better 


FeelUnique company knows well what a girl needs in her beauty life, 
so they were kind enough to send me those amazing products that i am sure will melt your heart as they have done to mine.

so allow me to show what i have: 

Fleur De Force makeup kit & TopShop beauty items:  

Fleur De Force Eyelashes: I am so excited to try these out. My eyelashes are not too short but indeed not too thick, so eyelashes from time to time are an essential for me; especially when i am up for an extra glam look ❤︎

Fleur De Force Pallette: The colors she has included are AMAZING and just what i think suits me the best. I love the tones and how pegmented the colores are. What do you think?

Topshop Water proof Mascara & Eyeliner: These two items, are the best. They are truley waterproof and stay in place for a quite good time. I have tried them before and stocking yet again on them harm no one. I highly reccommend those. Topshop makeup is amazing.

Fleur De Force Make Up bag: The bag has pastel pink, blue and a bit of purple colors in it ❤︎ Making applying makeup in the morning just more fun. 

Bagey contour and highliter pen: It has both in one. It is my first time trying this company but so far so good. I like the idea of having two essential items just in one piece 

Bourjouis pink blusher: The color is so lovely but not too strong which is a plus for me as i have a light skin .. and strong colors are not my favorite when it comes to a blusher ❤︎ what about you? what do you prefer?

Fleur De Force lipstick: This color is so lovely especially in this cold and gloomy weather. I love lip glosses more than nude colors, so this became my favorite so fast 

Finally, some skin care products: 
EH cleansing balm: i have tried it twice for now. I am really so in love with how soft it is and how fresh my skin feels after using it. I highly reccommend it especially if you suffer from acne, it helps the face heal faster and always has its own glow

Balance me hand cream and a floral scented perfume 


This was basically my haul ❤︎

A huge thanks for feelunique company for making my skin & beauty pop up and glow. They know how to spoil a girl very well. 
So they wanted to share with you as well a code "CUTEF10" that can give you a 10% off your €35 purchase. Check their website here for any makeup product you might fancy having ❤︎

FeelUnique Website: 

What a makeup item you have been loving recently? 

Stay beautiful and extra sparkly

Until my next gossip; 
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