Sunday, 7 February 2016

My media and blogging kit

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If bloggers had a secret, it would be all about their media kit, apps and items they use. 
No matter how much readers ask or try to know what happens behind the scenes, they would fail to discover the gems behind all those lovely pictures and perfectly written posts. 

However, for me sharing is caring so i thought, it would be nice to show you what devices i use to write, take pictures and edit ❤︎
If you are interested, let's dive in my blogging world; 

iphone 6 plus pictures

First things first, i always have my blogging planner beside me, it has all my planned posts, reminders of what i need to do or buy for my blog. 
Also, you would always see my iPhone 6plus in my hand. With it, 

1. I take all my pictures: yes i don't own any fancy cameras. 
2. I edit on it 
3. I write my blogposts on it as well: it might seem crazy, but i feel more creative and inspired to write on my phone more than i am on my laptop. 
I have an MacBook but i only use it to add the final touches to my blogpost before i hit publish. I never write on it.

background for pictures

For outfit pictures and some other creative ones, i use this tripod. It is designed for iPhones and vlogging cameras if you switch the head. I am so happy that i have invested in one because it really saves time and effort when i want to take a good picture of my outfit or close up of what jewelry i am wearing, if you know what i mean. 

blogging apps

If you ask me about the apps i use on my iPhone, i would be showing you my blogging folder; it has: 

My blog's bookmark: you can have yourself if you fancy HERE is how. It helps me check my blog, comments and stats any time. For you it can give you a cute icon on your homescreen in addition to fast access to my blog ❤︎
Blogger app: i write my posts on it 
Bloglovin': it is an app where you follow your favorite bloggers and stay up to date on what they post, like .. Etc. if you want you can find me HERE

instagram and bloglovin followers

I also have Instagram @cuteinstgram 
And Google+: check me HERE 

By this, i would have shared all my secrets, what do you think? 
Do you use the same tools i use? 
If you have any question about what i have shared please leave it in the comments i would answer as fast as possible 

Ohhh not to forget, if you would like how i edit my pictures; 
Check HERE all secrets are revealed ... 

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Until my next gossip; 
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