Sunday, 21 February 2016

Dealing with acne; my experience

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Before anything, let me be quite frank and say, i am not so lucky when it comes to the Skin Perfection area. Since being a teen i have been suffering with acne, nothing major but i always have two to three spots on my face with some other marks from previous spots that haven't yet fully demolished from my skin. 
I still though can't complain, as i know that i have it better than others, and there comes a few or let be more specific max 2 days where i enjoy the beauty of my face with no spots showing up. But i promise, this don't last for more than 2 days :( 
Lately, i have been trying my best to take care of my skin a little bit more and spend some more effort to do what is right. I can say i realized some change which i am so happy about.

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1. Full skin care: 
I have been moisturising, applying creme on my face daily. Before, i used to do this just on days when i wear heavy makeup, of course on the rest of the week i would wash my face and apply some creme but never done a full good face pampering. Now i do it daily. 

You can see my skin care HERE as i haven't changed anything since then. 

But, i have added one item to my skin care, which is this cleansing balm from Emma Hardie

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It is a cleansing balm but has every natural product that is there just to take care, clean and help your skin to feel better and more fresh ❤︎
 Since i have included it in my routine, i realized a difference, it got rid of all the marks that my face was left with after some acne disappeared and helped ease the redness of my acne. 

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It has an amazing smell, so easy to be applied and really does magic ❤︎ However it is a bit on the pricey side so i don't know if i would invest in it again but it is amaziiing i might do it since i have sensed a difference. 

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I have also been using face masks a lot lately, i have been applying them once a week every weekend. 
I have bought these from DM a drugstore in Germany, they have amazing smell and do their job very well. 
They are good priced (0.95 Euro) almost for each, and every packet has two material to cover your face twice ❤︎

Back in the days i have wrote a post with my tips on how to overcome acne you can read HERE 

These are the new two things that i have added to my skin care routine, they definitely made a difference. 

What do you use to overcome acne? Your tips would be appreciated. 
We all face this problem so we might help each other 

Until my next gossip; 
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