Sunday, 28 February 2016

Loving lately, editing&lifestyle apps


No shame to admit for you that my phone never leaves my hands. Well, i maybe should feel ashamed a little but this is the life of a blogger and an Instagrammer. I am always on duty, either finding inspiration, writing or editing. 
 It is safe for me to say that i use my iPhone more than i use my laptop, there are days where my laptop stays shut because i really finish all of my work here through some clicks in an app, therefore, i am sharing today with you what i have been using and loving lately:

apps for a bloger

1. Notes & Reminders: those two apps come within the iPhone's software. I rely on the reminders to remind me of what i need to buy or do.
However the notes, have a complete other job, there i have anything and everything. I write blogpost ideas, some diary and thoughts in addition to songs names i have heard whilst shopping haha.

2. iBooks: this is as well an app from the iPhone's software. I use it on the train usually, i have on it some inspirational ebooks that i enjoy reading even if the train was so messy and filled with people.

3. Snapchat: what i love about this app, that i get to share through it much about my life and what i do or eat in a day. My username is : cuteinstgram

4. Podcast: it surprises me that many people don't know how much this app has inside it. There are a lot of podcasts about any topic you would love to know about. From inspiring words to makeup and blogging advice. It is free and comes with the iPhone's software, just open it search for any word let's say "blogging" and you shall find a lot of things to enjoy. 

5. Pacer: this is a new app for me. Basically it tracks your moves throughout the day and tells you how much calories you have burnt or how much of a distance have you cycled. I use it because it is always fun to see how much of a distance have i covered on my bike. Because i do much biking, i love it so much. ❤︎

6. Google Drive: this app is a life saver. It has in its store all of my photos. Instead of having my camera roll exploded with many shots for my blog, i upload them immediately on google drive and delete them from my phone. The best thing about this app, is that it gives you 15 GB free storage for you to fill. All you need is to sign in with your Gmail account. 

editing apps for bloggers

I always get many requests on what apps do i use to edit my pictures. So here i am sharing: 

1. Afterlight: it is not a free app but literally worth every penny. I rely on it in editing always. You can see HERE how i edit my pictures. 

2. Picfx: another app that requires some money. But in my opinion you need to invest in apps to upgrade your image's quality. This app is for adding light bokeh on your pictures. 

Pics art: i use this app to add some overlays on my pictures for my blogpost's thumbnail. A free and good app.

Snapseed: i love this app, i mainly use it for my Instagram theme, as it has a more of a white and pastel theme check it HERE if interested 


Those are the apps i use and love. What are yours? 
What apps have you been using and loving lately? 

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Until my next gossip; 
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