Thursday, 18 February 2016

Opening Up, Depression&Blogging

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One of my new year's resolution blogging wise, was to open up more here on my blog and share about my personal life a bit more than i have ever done. It is not an easy decision, but you all my readers mean a lot for me. So sharing more about my personal life would only mean one thing that you would know more  about the girl behind the scenes; which really makes me happy ❤︎ because it also means that we can be friends, maybe we have something in common? maybe we can support each other right?

That explains why i chose to answer some of your questions:

What's your all time favorite beauty products?
I don't wear heavy makeup daily, so i would say Mascara, concealer and lipstick for sure.

what do you hope to be doing in two years?
Ahh this question made me think, i want to be more professional in the blogging area, be so fluent or at least so good in German as i am learning it and finding some troubles :( also, i wish i would have ticked off some of my wish list's wishes ❤︎

how are you so positive and inspiring all the time?
This question has been asked at least 5 times, so here is my answer. I am not so positive all the time, my life is not perfect, i have my troubles just like any adult or person who lives on this earth. But what i do; is i always try my best to look at the positive side of everything that happens with me. As for being inspirational and writing inspiring texts, i only write what would make me feel better, what i should hear when moments of doubt or being down. I write what you also need to cheer up and never give up ❤︎

do you have any pets? 
No :( but i am dying to have a little lovely kitten ❤︎

what's on your iPhone and how do you edit your pictures?
I have a post HERE for you to check out ❤︎ i answer all your concerns.

where do you usually get your inspiration from? p.s i love you and your blog
Thank you so much dear ❤︎ i spend a lot of time on Bloglovin' collecting ideas for my blog and on WE❤︎IT collecting ideas for pictures and trying to recreate them in my own special way.

how would you advise a new blogger to become successful? what are some tip? 
I advise you to be consistent in your posting, to be patient because your blog won't go viral overnight it is a matter of hard work and time. I also would say it is so good for you to be active, leave comments on other blog posts adding a link to your blog this helps a lot in bringing some attention to your blog. Last but not least join the Bloglovin' community, you would get introduced to many amazing bloggers and get inspired ❤︎
You can check HERE for posts i have made about Blogging

pamper routine blog

 what is your pampering routine? how do you keep calm? 
I have posts covering this subject HERE

what is your favorite animal and why?
I love small kittens ❤︎ they are just soon cute

how big is your house?
I don't live in a house but rather an apartment. It is not too big, but good enough for me to be so happy in it and always call it Home ❤︎

what is your favorite emoji and why? 
I love this emoji
heart emoji
As i adore pink so much, this emoji became my favorite, it is always on the top left corner of my iphone keyboard ❤︎

what is your favorite german food?
Brezel i love it so much. I also love the Apfelstrudel. 
if you are not German here are pictures of the food i have mentioned

Brezel: which is salty bread made in a special shape; it is so yummy especially with butter
german food

Apfelstrudel: is a pastry filled with apple filling, flavored with sugar cinnamon and raisins, it is so delicious

what make you happy the most? anything that completes you and makes you more than just a face in the crowd?
I loved this question. Anything good and positive makes me happy, for me it is all about the small things that add a touch to my life ❤︎. As for what makes me stand from the crowd, i think my thoughts, i always find myself different to what i should be or expected to do. This brings me problems always, but i refuse to fit in.

have you ever been depressed?
YES. For almost half a year, then i decided that it is not worth it and i should be happy. So i did ❤︎ now i am more positive and love my life with all its flaws.

if you are to live in only one season what would it be? 

what is your number 1 goal in life?
Ahh a tough question. I have a lot of goals that i am dying to achieve, but i guess being HAPPY is what i always aim for ❤︎

how old are you? and your favorite number?
I am 23 ❤︎ my favorite number is 6

when will you vlog on snapchat? 
i know, i said i want to vlog on Snapchat not just share pictures, but it is a bit hard, i am trying. I promise sooooon ❤︎

where would you live one day? 
MUNICH, i don't want to change this place. I am so honored and deeply happy to be here and call this place home.

Those where your questions, and those where my answers ❤︎ i hope that through this post you could have a glimpse of who i am, what i love and what i wish for.



Until my next gossip; 
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