Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Single this Valentine? No prob.

valentine's day ideas

When Valentine's day starts approaching, those who are in a relationship or in love, start fantasizing how good their day should or will be. However, for some single lovely girls that is not the case. 
But worry you not my lovelies, as i have your back. I am going to share with you 5 ways & tips on how to enjoy valentine's day.

First, we need to start by: 

Remembering that it is just a day. And being a happy single girl is way better than having your heart broken in a relationship that can't but bring tears to your eyes everyday. 

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2. Go out with your friends: 
Who said Valentine's day can't be celebrated with your besties? It is all about love isn't it? Then am sure you love your friends a lot go hang out with them ❤︎

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3. A full pampering day:
When was the last time you took things at ease and just cared about yourself and happiness? 
Then seize the opportunity and pamper yourself well. Go have a new hair cut, do your nails or use your favorite lush bath bomb and enjoy a super relaxed evening with a huge pizza delivery #heaven 

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3. Spoil yourself: 
Believe me, you don't need a man to buy you what you fancy. Head over to the shops and make use of the huge sales they have for Valentine's day. Buy yourself something you have been wanting for a while. It doesn't have to be so expensive, a perfume or foundation would do the job ❤︎ won't it?

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5. You are enough, worth it and extra special: 
If you are not in love, in a relationship or whatever. That doesn't mean you are not good enough or don't deserve to be loved. 
That only means, you are so precious that life has for you better days and a so dear love in store. Just not now, but soon ❤︎

What do you think of my tips? 
Would you do any?

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Until my next gossip; 
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