Thursday, 25 February 2016

Perfect mornings can happen if ..

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Nothing beats the feeling of being relaxed, cheerful and happy for the start of a new day. However, that means it is time to go back to reality after being so comfortable and relaxed in that pinky and sparkly dream. 

Oh NO, not again please. 

But wait, what if mornings can be nice? What if they can be perfect? 
I know you don't believe me, but i have 5 tips for you that shall guarantee you a stress free morning, and a smile all over that ... 

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First of all, we need to go back in time to the night before; 

1. Pamper yourself: 
Every night, make a little extra effort to pamper yourself well, apply your favorite scented creme and enjoy being so fresh. In the morning, you would save time showering, but still would smell amazing and feel soft because you have done it the day before ❤︎

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2. Plan your outfit and lie it at the end of your bed or desk:
I know that "i have no clothes to wear" feeling every morning. But save yourself and prepare all you need a night before. at the end of the day you will have the inspiration hence the hours you spent scrolling through social media all day, for sure you have saved some ideas for i will try that later album in your mind or mobile, so do it 

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3. Makeup:
Always keep a bag, that has only the makeup items you use for your everyday look. Don't put more than you usually use, this way you will save time and effort. Instead of messing the whole room or dressing table to find your eyeliner, just some flip here or there inside your cute make up bag, you will find what is needed ❤︎

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4. Prepare your food: 
If you have to breakfast at work, then prepare everything you need from sandwiches, a bottle of water and some snack from the night before. So you would make sure you grab it before you leave the house. This way you won't stay hungry all day ❤︎
5. Sleeeeeep
Don't stay up late just watching YouTube or Netflix. All can wait for tomorrow, but now you need to sleep before reality makes its call and ruin your amazing dream, shut the computer early and go to bed with no electronics so you would sleep peacefully .. 

Now over to you, do you have any tips for a better mornings? 
Would love to hear your opinion 

With a 

I leave you to sleep well.

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