Sunday, 13 March 2016

My daily makeup look

makeup flat lay

If you know the real me behind the screen, you would know that i am a no makeup person. However, i like just any other girl, love to dress up myself and take care of how i look. 
So i would enjoy applying some foundation and an extra layer of mascara to aim for a better eye makeup
With that being said, i am about to share with you my simple no makeup makeup look that i am for almost every time i leave the house. 

tumblr flat lay

For my makeup look, i usually use: 
Foundation: mine is the Revlon one. I love this foundation, it blends well with my skin as it has a similar tone.
Eyeliner: i don't over use it, but i love a black line in my eye water line, if you know what i mean. I use the Topshop one. 
Mascara: i use the waterproof mascara from Topshop as well. 


After i am done with the basics, i would come to the most fun part for me, which is applying some lipstick. 
My go to color in any occasion or on daily bases is PINK. Hence the colors of my makeup tools \•-• 
I just love this color and think that it suits my skin color and lips. Basically i feel pretty when i wear pink lipsticks ❤︎

makeup look

I don't wear any fake lashes, but i add a little bit of a blush to my cheeks to make sure i have that "natural look" even when i am wearing makeup ❤︎

Here is a small selfie ... To show you the resulting. I know i don't show much of my face here but here is a cheeky little selfie of me ❤︎

With all the love, 

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