Thursday, 17 March 2016

101: Dealing with negativity

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Once you choose to be different, to stand up from the crowd and design your life the way you love to; you are going to be hit with negativity and be surrounded with negative people. 

It is normal for people to hate and stand against those who succeed, because they can't be like them. All they find suitable, is bringing them down. 
But that is not you, and you don't have to be like them. You can be successful and have every right in the world to do what makes you happy 
I am going to share with you a few tips on how to avoid negativity to just focus on your dreams and turn them into reality.

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1. Avoid negative people:
 It is easy said than done especially when negativity comes from a person you can't quite avoid. Which brings me to .. 

2. Don't allow negativity to come any close to your heart: 
Well, you have heard the negative words. They hit you. But they can't do anything if you didn't allow them to. 
Be at peace with yourself. So the outside enemy can do you NO harm 

3. Don't talk about your dreams: 
Don't share your goals, keep them a secret for yourself. Work hard & let your actions speak for you. 
This way, those negative people can find nothing to moan about in your life.

4. Don't try to change people: 
Those who have been brought up to think in a certain way, won't understand or see the same vision you have. That is ok, it is your life and your vision, not everyone should share it. 

5. Don't respond to negative comments:
The thing about negative people is that they usually bring in the worst in you. They leave critical comments about everything you do, how you look, what you have, even how you sip your tea. 
We both know that you are doing it right, but for those who are caught up in negativity, find it easier to pick on you rather than complementing you. 

6. Drop them from your life: 
If you can, just do. Avoid hanging up with them and live life the way you want. 
If you are not happy, nothing else can be worth it.
And always remember, 
Never settle, for something that doesn't make you grow, doesn't help you nor make you smile. 

My question for you: do you have any tips on how to stand up for negativity? 

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And positive vibes, 
may negativity find a way far from you; 

❤︎ JULIE ❤︎

Until my next gossip; 
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