Thursday, 3 March 2016

Falling in the Spring spirit ❤︎

denim shirt style

The weather in Munich / Germany where i live, is no way near being spring and sunny. It is always stormy, cloudy and even does snow some days. 
However, i have been longing a lot for the warmer days, where i can take my bike for a ride around the city i live in. I love winter though, but i am just a little bit done with the super freezing cold weather. 
Last week, i have decided to go for shopping and enjoy the spring spirit at least in the shops colorful clothing and items. So i picked some stuff to show you: 

white small purse

First i went to H&M it is my favorite store when it comes to cute accessorise, i picked this cute little panda purse and gold and pastel pink themed earrings ❤︎
No matter how many earrings i have i always look for more opps 

essence blogger pictures

I can never go shopping without a stroll in a drugstore, so i went to our local DM drugstore and got some colorful pastel pink nail polish. I love painting my nails in bright colors even if it is winter and cold.

What about you? What is your favorite color when it comes to nail polish?

strawberry masks

Recently, i have been in love with applying masks, they are really doing their job on my skin. As i have said in my previous post HERE i have been loving this peeling mask for many reasons. It has an amazing mixture of strawberry and raspberry smell, that i die for. "i got from DM" 
So had to stock up.

In the picture, on the mask is written "Strawberry peeling mask" in German.

I have also bought myself a new foundation egg to fresh things up. Of course had to get it in hot pink, it is my favorite color i can't but choose it first always :}

It was a mini haul, but really did cheer me up, afterall spring can be a satate of mind until it really comes and nourishes the air ❤︎
pink heart

What is your favorite season? 

With all the love, 

Until my next gossip; 
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