Sunday, 6 March 2016

My spring wardrobe capsule

spring outfits

Although it still doesn't feel like spring where i live, i am insisting on the idea of living spring in my heart, until it comes and fill in the air with every beautiful rosy smell 
There is no way i can do that, without the help of shopping. So i decided to start a bit by a bit updating my spring wardrobe capsule.
Zaful Company were kind enough to help me do that by sending me a few goodies that made my wardrobe filled with colors, beautiful shirts and lovely accessories.  

leaf necklace

I got this cute white lace top. If you don't know that about me, here is a bit of information, i am lover of everything lace detailed and white. Ahh the combination between the two is just so adorable. 

aber crombie jeans

I loved matching it with jeans shorts and a touch of pink by wearing my Danielle Wellington watch. How girly is that? 
Do you like this combo?

spring bags

I also have got a black light shirt. When i wore it, it felt breezy and airy which is a plus on hot days. 
Matching it with a pair of jeans, floral sunglasses and a white bag felt the best thing to do ❤︎ I guess i might be blend in a bit of pink shades in my makeup, so i would make sure that the black won't reflect dark colors on my skin. 

cute girly watches

No wardrobe capsule is complete without a bit of accessories. So i have got this white and gold watch with some floral details on the inside. It basically screams spring and summer, i can imagine wearing it with almost every outfit i have as the colors in it matches a lot of my outfits ❤︎

All the items were kindly sent for me by Zaful. A special thanks for them for making me feel like a girly girl with every item they have. 
Make sure to check their website, they have the items i got and many many more to suit your style. 

What do you think of the items i have
Have you started updating your spring wardrobe? 


Until my next gossip; 
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