Thursday, 10 March 2016

Tips for work from home blogger

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Blogging, is like any other job. It might not involve waking up early everyday to leave your house, but it does involve hard work. 
It is not just staying at home job, it is much more than that. 
We might be lucky with the part of working from home, but not as much, as by staying home and not leaving for a proper office we are more often to loose our motivation. 
Today, i am going to share with you how i stay motivated, some tips and some of my office ware that keeps my motivation high up. 


Special thanks to old english company for all the goodies they sent to make my little office at home be filled with inspirational & motivational vibes, just what a blogger needs ❤︎

blogger working space

My office is just a little corner in my house, but it is filled with good vibes. 
I have: 
Books: i just keep the ones that i am reading currently so as not to clutter my space. 
Some inspiring quotes: i have these special quote cards that keep my company. What's more motivational than "SHE believed she could, so she DID" quote? it always make me believe that my dreams can be true. 

motivational cards

A cute map: as i love travelling 
The initial letter of my name 

All those small items, keep my motivation high. They remind me of my goals and what i want to accomplish in life. When i am down, they shall be there to remind me that there is something i love a lot and should be fighting for more 

As all bloggers, i have stuff more than i have space just the #storyofmylife. And what i hate the most, is having everything thrown all over the place.
But not anymore, as i have this cute quoted bag, i keep in it all the beauty items that i don't need, some books that i have finished reading and some other stuff that i don't use on daily bases but might need at some point.

A lesson i have learnt myself is:
Always get dressed, even if you are not leaving the house.
It affects your mood in a great way. I always get up, dress myself for the day and style my hair. So that i would feel deep inside, that i am beautiful, good looking and motivated to do the things that make me the happiest ❤︎

Are you a work from home blogger? 
What are your tips for staying motivated?

Would love to know,

And stay motivated 

Special thanks to: old english company for all those cute items
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Until my next gossip; 
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