Sunday, 20 March 2016

How i stay inspired to Blog

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Organization, can be a graet key for success when it comes to blogging. However, it is never enough. It should be accompanied with inspiration and hard work. 
It took me a while to figure out what excactly works the best for me and my blog so i am going to share all my tips and things that i do whether to stay inspiried to blog or to improve my work ❤︎

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Number 1 tip for me is, to always stay inspired
It involves, 
  • Following other bloggers.
  • Spending time on social media, knowing what is the latest trends and getting ideas from other bloggers to create similar pictures or blogposts. But don't forget to add your own touch. 

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Another thing i have been doing lately, is keeping a planner. I write any ideas i would love to develop as a blogpost or simply any task I have to do for my blog. For example: "fix the error in my last blogpost." 
This way, I stay on top of the work I need to get done, and will always have a place to go to if I had a blogger's block and didn't know what to write about.

P.S: this writing on my notebook is in German and it says now is the best timing ❤︎

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Bloggers need to always stay inspired, i try my best to have motivating quotes in my office disk. I also always make sure, that my space is filled with creative ideas and decor. It really helps keep the mind fresh, creative and ready to strike new ideas ❤︎

P.S: again the writing is in German. Will list here what is written on every card. From top to down: 

1. Adventures begin, when plans end
2. Don't believe everything you think
3. I can and I will
4. Great things, often begin as small


Another thing i own in my office, is this huge time schedule ❤︎ ther than it looks so cute and adorable, it has a space for everything needed for me to be organized. 
A space for the to do list, a space for ideas & notes and plenty other space for me to write what my goals are for every day. 
I always write on it what needs to be done and find myself really progressing and having productive days quite often ❤︎


Dear my Blogger, don't forget to always stay inspired.

A huge thank you for odernichtoderdoch company, for sending me the cutest items. They are doing their magic in keeping me organized and happy. Check their website HERE, to spoil your office with everything inspirational and creative. 
They have an English version of every item i have shared as well as a German one 

Question for you: what do you do to stay inspired and blog?


Until my next gossip; 
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