Thursday, 31 March 2016

My diary in the city of LOVE

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Paris, the city of love, lights and everything fashionable ❤︎
I wasn't mistaken when i had this city on my wish list for years. I am still in shock that i could make my dream come true and for real stroll in its amazing and breathtaking streets whilst gazing at its historical museums and architecture. 
I did my best to capture every moment of my trip, however the camera of course didn't do its justice but still, i am here to share with you what my lens have caught. 

coeur hill

Our trip, by "our" i mean my boyfriend's and I trip, started with the Coeur. We had to take those long and so tiring staircases especially after having to climb in a way a so high up standing street to see the Coeur church. 

The church and the view from the top was soooo worth it ❤︎

paris rooftop

I mean, look at this. we could see Paris from the top, we saw every Parisian building standing by its own doing its job of taking your breath away. 
However, the view got way more special when .. 

WE saw THIS. Unfortunately it was so foggy so the picture is not so much clear. But in real life, i could see the Eiffel tower. It was out first time, since this was our very first day. I don't know how to describe the way i felt that moment.. my heart indeed has skipped a beat and i just couldn't stop starring at how beautiful it was ❤︎ we were a bit far away from it, but its beauty shines like a star in a so dark night.

louvre pyramid

The Louvre was a great highlight in our trip as well .❤︎ and let me just be real and confess that it was one of the very hardest jobs taking a picture of it without having the picture photo bombed -_-. 
The line was so long and it was so rainy, you can probably tell from the wet floor, so we decided to just take a couple of pictures, enjoy the views and then leave for our next destination. 

black and white stones place in paris

Which was under the title Bloggers made me do it. For real though, i have seen pictures of the Palais Royal million times on Instagram. So it felt just right to visit this place and see what is so special about it. 

chloe bag paris

A typical blogger photo :P my bag on one of the black and white stones... 
Even though my bag is not a designer one, just from Zara. But still, i loved doing it. Just throwing this information here, people were starring at me and laughing, but who cares, i can do anything for a good picture :D

The Palais Royal had a garden in the back. Look at those amazing blooms... *-* ❤︎

love locks bridge paris

The love bridge was also on my list for a long time. So we strolled around the river and came to place a lock in front of the river ❤︎

paris at night

We kept the urge of coming any closer to the Eiffel Tower until the last day. We wanted to enjoy seeing it pop from behind all the buildings around Paris "the Notre Dam, the Alexander Bridge ... etc" basically wherever we went we used to see a little part of it which made us get more excited to go see it on our last day in Paris .. 

eiffel tower in spring

eiffel tower paris

view of eiffel tower

bottom to up photography

When we came to see it in person, my mind just couldn't find words to describe my experience. this place has been on my mind for years, when finally my dream came true, it was so hard to explain what i felt. but maybe just two words can sum it up all HAPPY & GRATEFUL 

we also went to the Champs Elysees and did some shopping, all will be featured in my next blog post this coming Sunday 

until then,

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