Thursday, 24 March 2016

Traveling essentials,Paris edition

travel flat lay

They say, dreams do come true. wait just let me scratch they say to add I Believe. Life might not give us all we dream to have, but if we believe enough in what we want; at some point what is impossible turns to be possible.
For years and years, Paris has been on my wish list, i have always dreamt of visiting this charming city and stroll in its streets.. Thankful enough, as you read my words, i am on my way to the city of my dreams.
So, wanted to come and share with my travel essentials ❤︎
What things i can't live or travel without 

sudio sweden earphones

First of all, i always make sure that my Macbook and my cute pink earphones are in the bag ❤︎ I can't imagine a day without catching up on an episode of Gossip Girl or just checking my blog.

jojo moyes books

Something you may not know about me, is that on planes and when i am travelling i read more than when i am at home. You might find this so weird, who has time to read when they are off to a beautiful destination. I know, i know; but really reading on the plane makes me so happy and filled with peace as i go to another world with no worries of where the plane is going ❤︎
I also make sure that i have packed a pair sunglasses in addition to my makeup bag. Looking cute and presentable is needed even on vacations.

cute flat lay

I of course make sure to pack my purse, passport and ID as well.

As you are reading this post, i will be on my way to Paris, have you ever been there? 
Do you have any tips in what to do/ eat? 
Would love to get some help ❤︎

floral sunglasses

So excited to make memories in Paris & share here with you,

Loads and loads of love, 

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Until my next gossip; 
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  1. Your MacBook cover is so cute! Where did you get it? (:

    1. Aww thank you :* it is from here :

      Thanks for reading, kisses