Sunday, 10 April 2016

Spring pink picks

victoria secret pink

If you are to ask me what is the main reason, SPRING is an exciting season for you? 
My answer would be, the colors the pastels and everything pink. 
I actually love seeing flowers blooming and just everything being so colorful & cute. 
So i thought, i would share a bit of my obsession in pastel colors, especially PINK and show you some things that have been making my days extra fresh and special ❤︎

pink cushions

I would like to start with the best place of mine. My bed ❤︎ on it, I have two pink cushions and a white one in the back. My bed might not be an extra special one but still is my favorite place, to relax and enjoy my cozy evenings.

fleur de force makeup

During spring and warmer weather i find myself more excited and quite have the energy to properly get ready in the morning and add a bit of makeup on my face. My go to lipstick color is always pink obviously ahah. So i have quite a selection of shades to change every while and then.

ikea candle holder

Another obsession of mine is earrings. i always wear a couple every time i leave the house. Actually it became a habit of mine, as i can realize how it does affect my whole look. It adds that special charm to my face especially when i go makeup free somehow

Doing my nails is an essential for me. it is not just for the purpose of pampering myself, because i have a bit long nails so if i leave them with no color on, they won't look as nice. I have a selection of pink and white nail polishes, i make sure to grab a different shade every week ❤︎ they bright my days. It is the small things in life after all 

jojo moyes

Speaking of small things in life ❤︎, i actually get excited for new pjs for a new book or just anything that is not of a big deal. So i have been loving getting all cozy, set and read in my favorite book which i have been reading for a while now Me Before You ❤︎
nothing makes me happy as a good book does.

Those where my very pink favourites this spring. What are yours?
What is an item that you have been loving this spring? 

would love to hear you share, 


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