Thursday, 28 April 2016

A blogger's thoughts

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Blogging is that one thing that constantly makes me smile. However, it as any other things, knows how to bring me down sometimes. 
no matter how much i am happy about everything i do, there come moments or even days when i fall in the trap of comparing myself to other people. in those days or just moments .. 

i forget every reason there is NOT to give up. 
I even forget that i too deserve a pat on the back just for knowing what i know, just for being able to have a blog and have some people who are interested in reading. 
I forget how thankful i was when i just had 10 views. I forget how much effort i put in, to think that all i give and share just sucks because that blogger, does it better.  

It is easy to forget how much of a hard work it has taken to be here, it is easy to forget how thankful i should be for everyone who takes time of their days to read what i have to share. Not that i am not thankful, but in those moments of negativity, it is easy to forget everything good to remember everything bad. 
So if you are a blogger reading my words, or if it is just you Julie in the future came back here to read some of your rambling, remember: 

you work hard, you have overcame many obstacles, you are developing and are on the right path of success. 
Good things take time. Nothing comes easy. What is worth it, deserves to be fought for. 
Some people are lucky to score 10000000 views all at a sudden, but that doesn't mean that your blog and work doen't deserve that number as well. It deserves this and more, but everything comes in the right timing. 

Now it is the time to give ourselves a pat on the back, and remember that we have started to do what we love and that is the least reason to be continue what we do. We already have crossed half of the way,
let's stop comparing and start working. We too can make it 

For today's blogpost i just wanted to share a piece of my heart, to share what i really feel as i scroll through other people's blogs. It doesn't happen always but does occur often that i think my work is not worth it. Am sure every blogger can relate, and if you are not a blogger reading my words .. those  were just words to describe an un-edited version of behind the scenes. Bloggers don't have a shiny life, clouds gather in their skies as well.  

You are awesome remember that
Julie ❤︎

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Until my next gossip; 

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  1. Love your blog!! Thanks for sharing your story :)



  4. I thought I was the only one feeling like this whenever I go through other people's blogs. I started blogging months ago and seeing my stats not to improve as much as I expect it makes me feel worse as a blogger thinking my works aren't good enough for readers to read or even share. Thank you for sharing and it made me feel better. :)

    - Kyla |

    1. Dear Kyla,

      No you are not the only one who feels this, and it is ok 💕 Actually you have started just months ago, it is so normal not to have a lot of views and readers. Don't compare your start with people's middles. I say this always to myself, also i would like you to keep on going no matter what, as long as this is what you love to do. Good luck sweetheart 💗