Thursday, 7 April 2016

Ah so Instagramable Skin care picks

micellar water garnier

As spring is coming closer and closer, i have decided to freshen up my beauty products. To include some new items and change a bit in the way i take care of my skin. 
I dropped into my City's drugstore to pick what i would need to make this happen. After i came back home i found out that i have picked many of those "Instagramable beauty items" 
So i thought i would test them, then share how did i find them, are they really worth the hype? Or just worth of being in pictures

dry shampoo

I would like to start with an old favorite which is not a new pick but will share my true opinion. 
I really love this hair shampoo, it is a real savior on those bad hair days when i have no time to wash my hair, a few spritz would do the job. But still it is not as magical as many report. The hair won't turn all shiny and fresh 

garnier cleanser

As for skin cleaning, i have seen this Garnier millecar water cleaning everywhere on social media. When i tried myself, it was really worth the hype. It cleanse the skin well taking away all the makeup from it.
However, those who support the cleaning pads; never reported that they leave the skin dry and not well cleaned. So watch out, if you are trying to have the perfect skin, stay way from these. 

I have also wanted to test some new skin creams and moisturizers ❤︎ I picked these two. The bebe moisturizer and another Balea "German brand" face cream. They are so good, i have felt a difference in the way my skin feels 
I recommend them. 

When we are talking about skin care routine, we can't exclude the rest of our body. So i would like to give you my honest review about these two products. 
I own those for quite a long time now so my review shall be honest and build up on an experience with them. 
The Victoria's Secret body lotion is sooo good. It has a vanilla scent, so soft on the skin, leaves some light glittery marks and lasts for a whole long time. Any piece of clothe i wear after i apply this body lotion, has the smell of it until i wash it again. I love that ❤︎ 
The Zoella body lotion: i love the scent so much, i love also those pink dots that stay on the skin leaving a sweet touch and smell. It doesn't last as long as the Victoria's Secret one does and is not as strong in smell. But still is a favourite of mine after showering ❤︎

This is my honest review about every Instagramable item i have picked. I wanted to share my skin care at first with you, but thought of doing it in a unique and honest way. 

What do you think? Have you used any of these items before? 
Would love to know your sweet opinion 

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