Sunday, 17 April 2016

All your Spring wardrobe needs


Whether you are a blogger or not; whenever a new season crawls in, you would like to spoil yourself with new items to refresh your wardrobe and get excited for the coming sunny and nice days ❤︎
However, shopping make your wallet cry and your bank account suffer , but don't worry; i have your back and will share with you what your spring wardrobe needs so you know where to spend the money and on what ❤︎

denim shirts

A huge capsule your spring wardrobe needs, is some flannel and denim shirts.
They are so cute, in style and can be worn in different ways. Either all buttoned up or with the buttons left opened, you can match under them white t-shirts which will give you a very stylish look. Or simply, just wear a white tank top match it with jeans and tie your shirt around your waist. So tumblr & cute
If you invest in those shirts, you will need less items but would get different ways of wearing and styling them

Daniel wellington watch

A white t-shirt or tank top is a huge essential ❤︎ it goes with anything and everything. Any light blazer or denim jacket would match it well, leaving you with a stylish and girly look 
White tank tops are not so expensive, you can invest in different styles, with lace or without. So you would choose a different one each time you style your outfit.

floral shirts and ripped jeans

Choose your jeans well. The best type of jeans or let me say the most trending ones are the ripped jeans. I know they can be a little bit expensive, that is why DIYs are always available a click away on YouTube. Buy a good not so expensive jeans and rip it up. 
This jeans will guarantee for you a stylish look all the spring time

white floral adidas

Shoes can be expensive especially if you heart those Adidas ones which are so trendy right now.
But who said only Adidas shoes can make you look in style, there are many other shoes converse, Nike .. Etc
To make sure you have the best shoes, go for a light color; white, grey, floral or pink. Those are the best colors for spring ❤︎

flat lay

Your dressing is never complete without accessories. They add a special glow to your look ❤︎, invest in different accessories silver & gold so when you match them with your outfits they would give you a different sparkle every time.

I hope you have liked this post, and that it has in a way or another saved your pocket. 
What is a staple in your wardrobe? What is your favorite spring color? 

With a bunch of spring and colorful vibes i sign off, 
JULIE xoxo 💋

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