Thursday, 14 April 2016

Master iPhone photography

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I have always believed, if you want to do something, you can do it even when you don't have everything needed or everything luxurious. 

the little things, with determination can end up being those big things you love the most. 
When i started my blog i had just my iPhone 5 not even the 5s and i used to take all of my pictures. Almost two years later; i am here still taking pictures with my iPhne but made an upgrade to the iPhone 6 plus.
Throughout my time of blogging i have learnt how to better the quality of my pictures and how to make them stand out as if they were taken through professional lenses. 
Am by no mean a professional photographer or anything, but just have developed some skills that i would love to share with you ❤︎

1. Use the grid: 

how to use the iPhone's grid

After i am done laying out my picture, i grab my phone and make sure that the grid option is turned on. 
Basically the grid, is those lines you can see on my screen. I tap on the object that i want the camera to focus on and snap. 

2. Multiple shots, different angles: 

dw watch

One shot, two shots or even three, are never enough. You need to take as many as you can from different angles, for every angle i prefer to have three to four pictures. Better have many than regret. this does fill my iPhone's storage and makes my camera roll look messy, but i don't mind as i know at the end i am up for something good. 

3. Editing: 

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Never share a picture without editing, even when it looks amazing; the editing will give it a special touch and a signature of your own. 
Personally i use Afterlight app and Adobe Photoshop. you don't need to buy an editing app to have an amazing blog or great pictures. 
There are many great free apps such as VSCOcam. When i started blogging i used to use those free apps, but as time has passed by, i found what suits me best and made that purchase. 

4. Lighting: 

Make sure to always take your pictures in front of a window or any source of light. Personally, natural light is my favorite, i move my entire bedroom around to shoot beside the window. I make a huge mess and eveything ends up not in place but all worth it for a crispy and clean picture ❤︎

5. Start small and practice: 

Big things always start being small. Start now even if you only have an iPhone 5 or 4. It does't matter,  make something out of what you have. You don't need everything to be successful, you will learn how to make things better as you walk the journey of blogging. 
Until the day i have no professional equipment, just me and my iPhone, i can't be happier with the way things turn out. 

work hard, all pays off later ❤︎

what do you use for blogging? do you have any tips for iPhone photography? 
would love to here your share. 


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