Thursday, 19 May 2016

Answering FAQ: Instagram tips & iPhotography

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Taking photos and being a real Instagram addict, are two things that i am so honored to be able to do and enjoy. However, throwing it back to almost a year ago, i won't be telling you this. Simply, because since then much have changed in the way i see photography and do it. 

I am no where close to being that great in taking photos but i try so hard. If you follow me on Instagram you would take a glimpse of my work, which i put in a lot of effort and hours in styling and shooting. 

On my Instagram i receive a lot of questions about editing, my tips on how to master taking great shots and having the best Instagram theme. I thought it would be nice to share; so here we goo

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I know, this is so cliche and you hear this everywhere you go. But believe me, lighting is a major key. Do your best to shoot in a room that has a great source of natural light and avoid shooting after 1pm because by then, the sun would be in the middle of the sky and that shall leave a yellow tone on your pictures which we all try to avoid. 
My Thoughts: i take pictures early in the morning, many days i wake up super early to catch up the light before it is gone. I don't use any studio lights, i don't like the effect they leave on my photos. 

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Style your picture:
 play with your items, and choose matching things and colors to be in the picture. 
My Thoughts: sometimes, it takes me half an hour to figure out what to put here and what to put there. What colors mix together and what don't. It is ok to try multiple times and then fail, it is all about practice. 
A year ago i could not make anything close to this picture, not that it is that amazing, but still i have tried and i like how cute the color combination is. Knowing that my favorite color is pink haha.

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Take many shots and edit: 
Take as many shots as you can, from different angles you don't know what might end up being the best one. And, don't forget to edit them, no matter how great the photo is, still it will need a few touches here and there. 
My Thoughts: if you open my gallery you will find 8,150 photos. No for real though, this is how many shots i have and i always choose just one to edit and post. Better many shots than opps i don't like what i have. 
I also always do my best to have the same type of editing, meaning same level of brightness, contrast and saturation. However, it depends on each photo, as every one requires different levels of editing. 

Don't forget, practice is the main key, with much practice and patience you will nail it. Enjoy it and have fun, instagram is meant to make you smile and enjoy what you do. It is not about numbers as much as it is about doing what you love. 

Snaaap .. off i go;

Julie 🌸

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