Thursday, 5 May 2016

Living abroad; No turning back

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I know i have never shared a lot about me, my life and story. i only share what i feel is good to be shared, but recently i have been having this feeling .. of wanting you to know me more, to know what i have experienced and what has shaped me the way i am.
I don't know from where to start or what to be open about and what not, but i guess i will begin from the very early beginning,

I am Julie, what you know about me is that i live in Germany but, you have never known that i originally .. come from a small country in the US, i would like to keep the name of it for myself because there is what i call my past. I am who i am now and what i choose to be. A year ago i have packed my life in a tiny suitcase and moved all the way oversees to pursue my dreams of being a big city girl who lives by herself, has a job and a house of her own and doesn't mind being alone.
Little did i know that soon this move to Munich/ Germany will end up being the place that i love the most and would with a full heart call home.

since that decision of moving, which indeed was the one best thing i have done to myself and my life, i have changed a lot .. the way i think, act, in what i do or believe in, even .. what i don't like anymore.
I really love who i became to be, because it is not at all what happened to me it is what i have chosen to be.

my hands are trembling as i type in those words, i don't know how much will you accept the person behind the screen, after she has chosen to finally open up and share more about how she lives and do in real life, where filters have no place.
From now on, i will be sharing more about my life abroad, as a girl who lives far away from home but still chooses this place to be her home and more, for in it she has found what comforts her and what makes her, her happiest self.

i would like to know your opinion ❤︎ 
would you like me to share more about my life? 
more tips about living abroad and how to deal with things being alone? 

your sweet feedback is so much appreciated, 


Love, Julie ❤︎


  1. Yes!! i love personal posts, keep it up! <3

    1. Thank you dear :* will be doing more soon <3 your feedback means a lot for me

  2. hey!!i love your posts♥
    but i miss your old tamplate!:(

    1. Thank you so much sweetheart <3 actually that template was a bit complicated for many :( it also did not support mobile view so people were not able to see everything clearly :(( i hope you like this one as well :*