Thursday, 26 May 2016

How i nail it

essie nail polish

Doing my nails is so important for me, it is always a priority in my schedule. to be quite honest i have to do them twice a week as they chip fast :| #adultslife so they take a huge space of my life routine. 

Since they are this important, i thought i should give them some attention and show you what nail polishes i use and which are my favorite, in addition to a few tips ❤︎ 

nail art

The Jelly Nail polish: this is quite a new discover for me, it is from ESSENCE. No shame, it has immediately became a favorite of mine, not just because of the color, but it has a great coverage and really lasts for a whole week. I haven't taken it off since last Thursday and here you see the result on my nails, no scratches and not chipped. ❤︎ so happy about this not gonna lie :D

pink nail polish collection

I have a lot of nail polishes, but for some reason i always reach out for the pinks *__* just because .. i love pink :D i have different shades of pink from ESSENCE and one from ESSIE. which color do you like? 

how to keep nails healthy and long

On to sharing some of my tips for nailing it the best; 

1. Don't skip the base coat: i can't stress how much important it is to apply a base coat before applying any color and after. It helps keep the nail polish longer and your nails healthy & strong. 

2. Let your nails breathe: on weekends when i have that lazy day, where i don't leave my relaxing spot, i take off my nail polish and apply a base coat on them only to let them have a day off chemicals. 

I have read in a magazine that if you apply a white base under any color you are going for, it will make your nail polish vibrant and more shiny. But personally.. i don't know how is that gonna work? do you think it would? never tried that before. Tell me your thoughts below :D 

essence nail polish

Thank you for reading, 
wishing you a day full of good vibes and colors 

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