Thursday, 16 June 2016

The 5 apps that have my heart

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As i am 24/7 using my iPhone i have developed serious addiction to a various amount of apps; recently, i have caught myself using those in particular more often. 


Aside from Instagram which my obsession with beats no other haha. 


First i have got Bloglovin': i use it as my morning newspaper. I follow several bloggers and always check it up whilst having my breakfast. I love reading other bloggers' posts. You can follow me HERE if you would like to. 

app for learning new language 

Duolingo: i have mentioned earlier in a post HERE that i am learning German. I can't stress enough on how much this app has helped me learn and develop my vocabulary. I totally recommend it if you would like to learn any language.

app for workout 

Pacer: this app is amazing, it counts for you how many steps you have taken on a day and how much calories have you burnt. But note this, you need to be holding your phone in your hand for this app to function. 


Snapchat: i genuinely love this app, it is so real to life, no filters just the real you. I share on there a lot of behind the scenes of my pictures. I show you that my life is not perfect too :] no body's life is actually.

1010 game: ahhhh this one is so simple yet soooo addictive. The idea of it is that you have certain amount of blocks you need to arrange them in a way that there is always a space for the next coming block. I recommend it, it doesn't need wifi and is so addicting i warn you haha 

What apps are you addicted to? 
let's have a chat. 

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  1. I use Duolingo for learning new languages and currently I learn German and it is such a nice language!