Sunday, 12 June 2016

My Makeup Vanity

sweet inspirations flatlay

I try really hard to keep things organized and a bit less cluttered on my Vanity, because i really don't like to have a lot of things when i am getting ready to leave the house, especially on the days i am late "which are so common" haha

sweet inspirations zoella

Therefore i only keep:

Body Lotion: so needed, after every bath i take i love applying some lotion on my body. It keeps my skin hydrated and feeling great. 
Fizz Bar: just there for when i fancy having a pampering night ❤︎
Candle: i love candles so much. This one has a vanilla smell, i got it from IKEA. It makes my room cosy and smelling fresh. 

pampering night with zoella

nail polish, perfume and some flowers, to have that girly and cute touch ... 

makeup palette 

i also for sure have; 

A palette: This is from essence, it is so good, the colors are so light and pastel just my go to 
Some brushes: they are so needed for applying foundation and highlighter. 

As you can probably tell, i don't stuff in my vanity with lots and lots of products. I try to keep things simple in order for them to remain tidy and clean ❤︎

Is your vanity tidy? or do you keep a lot on it? 
let's share some secrets 

A special thanks goes to cloud10beauty for sending me the zoella sweet inspirations products and Lottie London brushes. Check them HERE to purchase everything you need to add a sparkly touch to your beauty. 

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  1. OMG. I wish I could keep my vanity this minimal. I agree that minimal items on the vanity makes it so much easier when your in a rush or trying to get ready in the morning.



    1. After a lot of accedients and getting late because of everything i have there, i had to do that haha. My makeup storage / drawers are no where near being tidy though 🙊

      Thank you for reading & commenting. Xoxo

  2. I wish I had a vanity. I usually have to do my makeup in between toddler wrangling. Lol. While standing in front of a mirror. I need a vanity

    1. Ohhh :( i actually don't have that of a huge vanity, my apartment is too small and there is not that much space 😭 But i still have a good vanity to have all my bits and pieces.

      Thank you for commenting :*

  3. I wish I had a vanity. I usually have to do my makeup in between toddler wrangling. Lol. While standing in front of a mirror. I need a vanity

  4. My vanity is so untidy because I keep so much stuff in it. I am going to have to do a clear out soon and also buy the zoella beauty sweet inspirations range because it is so cute!
    Nice post :)xx

    1. Ahh i totally recommend clearing a bit, it is hard but really worth it 💕 I loved the new Zoella range, they all smell so sweet.

      Thank you for commenting, lots of love <3

  5. My vanity is mess haha, this is so cute! Jealous you have some Zoella products, need to try her new range asap x

    1. Some decluttering is needed sometimes haha. Yea i totally loved them so you will am sure.

      Thank you for reading <3