Thursday, 30 June 2016

How did i improve my photos

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Recently it hit me, i have been blogging for almost a year now .. wow how much have changed since then. Not just in me and the way i write or think but also in the way i take photos and my perspective about photography.

No matter what, i haven't yet became professional in this field and won't be as i have a lot to learn, which i am really super excited about. However, i have picked up a few things and tips that have really changed the way i take my photos to the better. 

1. Clean background: 

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I used to take my pictures against my floral bedding, which don't get me wrong is too cute and girly; but didn't give me the professional and great look that i have always searched for in my snaps. 
I have bought a white duvet just for the purpose of taking photos, i am so glad i did that as it has indeed made a huge difference on the way my photos look. 

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2. shooting before noon and on a not so gloomy days. as the clouds act as a soft box that take away the harsh shades that the sun would leave on photos. 

3. play around with items, sometimes putting two things beside each other on your bedroom shelf might look way too ugly but in a photo when they are mixed with other things, they would give you a cute snap 

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4. editing might seem tricky at first, as you don't know which theme to carry or what filters to use. But my rule of thumb, stay away from filters. Go for clean and crispy look, edit your photos yourself by changing the brightness, saturation and sharpness. 
those type of pictures, are what people enjoy staring at the most. 

5. photography is not a skill one is born with, you can develop your own and nothing is impossible if you strive for it and hustle well 

Do you love taking photos? Do you have tips for great photography? 
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  1. I LOVE taking photos, ever since I became a blogger my skills have improved so much and my phone always has to be beside me, because you never know what is going to happend. The most important thing when taking pictures is the LIGHTING, because everything else set well in DARK wouldn't look beautiful at all.

    1. can't agree more :) lighting is always key. Thanks for reading and leaving a lovely comment :)


  2. I love taking photos as well! Whether its of clothes, beauty or even flat out photography outside, its all so beautiful! I agree that lighting is key. I also however like to add a blue tint to my photos, bc its my fave color! :)

    1. Awww how sweet :* i have heard that adding a blue tint / color to your photos bring more likes to it soo good choice <3 thank you for reading.

      Lots of love