Sunday, 17 July 2016

This can only mean .. you are learning a new language


Learning a language that is different to yours can confuse your mind a little bit or at least that is the case for me. 
I am going to share a few things that have been happening to me, you either relate to "if you are learning a new language" or just finish reading this post with a smile on your face hopefully :) 

1. Forgetting words from your mother tongue language

2. Being confused; how to read the numbers: at least in my case as the German numbers are read in a completely different way. For example: 45 is read forty five in English. However in German 45 is read fΓΌnf und fierzig which basically is like saying five and forty :O 

3. Reading the words in your accent to turn out being so funny; the German language has its own accent, if you change the way you pronounce a word you will end up being looked at weirdly or misunderstood :( 

4. Your mind can't stop; it keeps on trying to read any sign that it can spy, especially when you have  headache and the last thing you would want; is having your mind thinking non stop about what each and every word you see means. 

This was just a small vent about what i have been going through my learning process ❤︎ it is meant to be a light and fun. I hope it made you smile. 

Are you learning a new language? Could you relate to what is said?

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  1. Very interesting :)


  2. I learn swedish and i can say that all of this happen to me all the time. My family always say that it sounds funny when I'm saying german words with swedish pronunciation. Sometimes it happens to me that I think in swedish or english instead of german and therefore I once said in my swedish class something in english instead of swedish. this was funny and confusing... :p But I really love learning swedish.
    How long have you been learning german?

    1. Ahhh the struggle is real :D i can totally understand what you are going through as it happens with me as well. I too, loving learning German despite it being hard a little bit.
      I have been learning for 4 months almost in a professional but i have started a bit earlier learning by myself.
      Thank you for your lovely comment :* <3